Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WGC-CA Championship - 6 in a Row for Tiger at Doral?

I'm the first to jump on a bandwagon and the last to get off. I'm not big on uncertainty. This should be an ideal week for me then. Mr. Eldrick "Tiger" Woods has won the last three of these things and six of the total eight. Those are some odds. Five consecutive PGA wins to boot and it makes you wonder why they're even going through the motions. I guess the fact that 2nd place money is still a king's ransom is reason enough. Truth is, it's stellar field that I'll highlight in a moment. Let's just hope that some of the field are relegated to more than ankle biters.

Here's average golfer's best of the rest.......

Lee Westwood- Up to 11th in the world. Really salvaged a spiraling career. He can play.

Justin Rose- I was on the Rose bandwagon. I've got one foot out, but last chancing him.

Sergio- One name golfers are usually good. As one of his many putters go.....

Phil- Probably the best shot at Woods. Check the new physique.

Ernie- With the psycho entourage in tow, maybe. Expect him near the top on Sunday, then ???

Steve Stricker- Ranking is no fluke. Putter the key once again.

K.J. Choi- Great ball striker. Very consistent. Lotsa frequent flier miles lately though.

Rory- Truly playing well. Has the nads to stay in it. If he keeps it in front of him, perhaps.

Adam Scott- No reason not to. Tremendously skilled. If practice time equals grooming time in the run up, he wins.

Vijay- 9 lousy holes cost Vijay the win last week. One more week with the new swing changes will help. He can win this thing.

Tomorrow at this time will be interesting. Primarily because you can't win a golf tournament in the first two days, but you can lose one. Expect the wind to be a factor all four days at Doral. The rough is a reported 3" long and the greens should be an 11.5 on the Stimpmeter. Again thanks Mr. Stimpson. First name Homer I believe.

This week is another of the continuing World Golf Championships events. Or should I say Woods Golf Championships, since he's won 15 out of the 26 held. The only other players other than Woods to win this tournament are Mike Weir, (2000), and Ernie Els, (2004). Of no small consolation is that if this tournament lays an egg, March Madness is upon us!

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  1. Good summary. I wonder if Phil's new physique is in response to Tiger's breastfeeding joke last year.

  2. I didn't hear that one. That should've prodded Phil some. Let's see him turn it in to a win.