Monday, March 31, 2008

This Average Golfer Scooped By 6 Year Old.

The young man in the photo is Ian, my six year old nephew . I know, good looks run in the family. I'm his proud uncle with the golf blog that rants and raves ad nauseam. Ian's not much of a ranter or raver, but more of a doer. You see, Ian lives in southeast Florida, a wonderful location with lots of professional golf tournaments. His uncle lives near the Arctic Circle, where the golf season is measured in days. It so happens that the WGC-CA Championship came to Ian's general locale. My brother in law James, himself a certified golf nut, brought Ian to one of the early rounds. Fun, yes. Crowded, yes. Then a fortunate twist of weather fate provided the opportunity, a Monday finish. So, Ian and his dad returned to Doral to find that most of the spectators had gone home. They had the run of the place. An added bonus was the free admission. I've only had one free thing in my life. I won a puppy in eighth grade. Parents wouldn't let me keep it. It was raffled off again and won by my best friend. Back on track.....Ian, dressed in a red shirt and black shorts followed Tiger Woods as he completed his round. Thrill of a young lifetime.

Ian's had golf lessons. I had one golf lesson. The pro said he never had to say it before, but he couldn't help me. That might work to my advantage. If I ever get back down there, I wonder how many strokes Ian will have to give me. We could play for Legos.

A lifetime thrill for a wonderful young man. He's fortunate, as we all are, to live in the Tiger era and witness a rare talent. I wonder if he'll pass the story of that day down to his grandchildren.

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  1. That's a great story. It's amazing how opportunities like that can just happen. Ian is really cute...lucky to live in SW FL too.

    Remind me, why do we live up here in the frozen north?

  2. I can't, it's senseless. I have one son in Montana. It's been spring there for a couple of weeks. My brother's in West Hartford so you can relate. You have tulips a full month ahead of us and mow your lawn a month later. I'm 20 miles from freakin' Canada and I don't skate. How smart am I?

  3. Patricia, Bob, and the Northerners of my heart -

    Three reasons why you live up north:

    1: The people are nicer
    2: You don't have to worry about a hurricane ripping your roof off for seven months out of the year
    3: The people are nicer

    Written with hearfelt sincerity,

    Carla, Ian's mom, sister to two AMAZING brothers

  4. Now that we barely have winter in Connecticut anymore, it's important for your nieces to have someone to visit to understand snow. We'll even let you teach them to golf.

  5. Ian's lucky to have his Uncle Bob in his fan club!

  6. Thanks all!

    Yes, the people are nicer, but colder, temperature wise.

    Yes, I'll teach them to golf. It's my retirement.

    footsteps.........Thank you for the kind words.