Thursday, March 6, 2008

Putters......"Be the Right One Today"

There's only two clubs in the bag that can create any real emotion. One hits it the farthest and the other the least. All the in between clubs are necessary but bland. 1, 2, and 3 irons are finally heaped in the back of the garage for most average golfers. Pride kept them in way too long. Hybrids are like mopeds, fun to ride as long as no one's watching. Wedges are all the rage for the wrong reasons. I carry four wedges because Tom Watson does, or did, or maybe it was Tom Kite. I pack a 54, 55, 56, and a 57 degree. With four different swings and four wedges I have sixteen different ways to skull a pitch inside of 30 yards. None of my wedges have much bounce, although I've noticed they bounce better on grass than on pavement. Irons are irons. Blades or cavity or some combination thereof. Nope, it's the driver and the putter that force grown men to belly crawl back to the cart. Today we're once and for all going to identify the last putter you'll ever need. If it ain't in here, you don't need it.

1. The Taylor Made Rossa Monza Spider

Damn, sounds more like a Formula I car. The advertising says it has wings. Gee, even tampons can come with wings I think. The manufacturer lists MOI, MWT, and CG as being strong attributes. I'll wait until I can get ABS and GPS. I think my insurance company will discount my policy with ABS. It's hard to describe this beast without the photo. Go ahead, try to describe it in your head. You tried it didn't you? This monstrosity reminds me of the book "The Emperor's New Clothes".

2. The inspiration for the Rossa Monza mentioned above. Simple and elegant. Appears to be able to be used conventionally or as a belly or chin putter. Ambidextrous, lefties would be equally comfortable with such a timeless design. Not ostentatious or forbidding to your fellow golfers, it screams practicality. Even more so it screams......."Pay me!"

3. My previous putter. A classic implement in the spirit of the original Bullseye putter. No wasted motion with this baby. Genuine wood shaft rings nostalgic. Huge sweet spot makes it near impossible to miss the ball regardless of the putt you're faced with. The unique handle design allows for a firm, steady grip resulting in uncanny accuracy. The putter can perform double duty in the bunkers in case you need to move a lot of sand. One negative is the difficulty in finding a head cover. Fortunately with Teflon coating it's not a necessity.

4. My current putter. Well, I wanted a putter like Tiger's. He's a pretty good putter I've heard. Since putting requires almost no physical effort, I knew it wasn't him, but the putter. I called Scotty Cameron repeatedly since I'd heard he'd crafted Tiger's putter. The cease and desist notice didn't register with me, but when the FBI called I chose to take one off the rack. It's been a fine club. My putting stats have improved considerably. As an aside, I've tried to insure that more of my 1st "putts" are from the fringe. They don't count as putts. I'll give you that tip gratis!

One of these beauties has to be your last putter. Test drive them all. Putters are a lot of things to a lot of people. Glad I could help. From an average golfer for an average golfer.

Til' next,

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