Monday, March 10, 2008

2008 Arnold Palmer Invitational, Let the Season Begin.

Thursday marks the start of the golf viewing season. The golf playing season, after this weekend's despicable weather, looks like a mirage. Anything with Arnie's name on it is probably worth watching. His class and lifelong contributions to the game make him the icon of all icons.

The timing is important. There's been enough events for every player to shake off the rust, implement swing changes, and generally have their games in order. No excuses now. The Masters is now within "talking about" distance and some players are trying to fight their way in to that limited field. Tiger's here, Phil's here, Sergio's here, Vijay's here, and Ernie's not here. Ernie's citing fatigue. I'll take him at his word, but would love to answer if he were to ask me how fatigued I am before going to work tomorrow.

It's a 120 player invitational field highlighted by Woods, four time winner, and Vijay, defending champion. Other name players include the aforementioned Mickelson, Woody Austin, Retief Goosen, Chucky Three-Sticks, and previous winners Tim Herron and Fred Couples. Notable sponsors exemptions were granted to Colin Montgomerie and John Daly. I truly have to wonder when tournaments will stop prostituting themselves by offering Daly exemptions. His recorded 78-80 at last week's PODS Championship wouldn't get him a scramble invite at my course. He obviously doesn't care about his game, so why should they? Oh, eureka! That money thing. He's still a big draw. That fact that he's self destructing and missing more cuts than a broken lawn mower doesn't matter. Even if he plays well and makes some money, his Tour status is so low it doesn't really gain him anything. It's just a few extra dollars to blow on a past, current, or future wife, while keeping a hard working young pro from playing this week.

This is the 30th playing of the event. The Bay Hill Club is the familiar host. Unfortunately, an infestation of microscopic "nematodes", has attacked the greens at Bay Hill. The Tour released a statement to all players saying that green conditions may less than expected. Nematodes are "tiny" worms, not Dennis Rodman. Greens have been sod plugged, but that results in new grass which is noticeably harder to work with than mature grass. I just hope they're fair and playable enough to not be a factor in the tournament.

Sit back and enjoy this weekend. Between the strength of the field and Arnie it should be worthwhile. To those of you in climates where you're already golfing......."A pox on you."

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  1. In days of yore beating the ground with sticks was called witchcraft: today it's called golf.

    My interest in golf has waned since the days of Lee Trevino (called Super Mex in those days of less political correctness). Not even Tiger Woods has raised my level of interest back to where it had been.

  2. Personalities like Trevino's don't come along very often. I understand he's OK with Super Latino though.