Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Funniest "Golf Guy" on the Web.

Let me start by saying I know funny. I know Letterman's funnier than Leno. I know Chris Rock is the funniest guy on stage since Richard Pryor. I know that Ron White is funnier than Larry the Cable Guy. Any arguments? Didn't think so. So believe me when I tell you, after exhaustive research, untold numbers of websites visited, that the funniest golf guy in cyberspace is Bob Smiley. That's the list.

Bob has many personalities. He's regular contributor to ESPN.com's golf coverage. He's appeared on The Golf Channel. He's writing a book due out in early 2009. Bob has the enviable distinction of having served as the late William F. Buckley's assistant in 2001, 2002. Yes Einstein, that William F. Buckley. A true Renaissance man is Bob. So, without further ado, I highly recommend you visit FORE RIGHT, A Golf Site For The Everyman. When I came across this site my first thought was to steal the title. As you can see, I took Bob's title, fed it some Slim-Fast and arrived at Average Golfer. I figured I best come clean in the event someone other than my family reads this. There's a conveniently placed link to your left should you end up here in the future.

Don't take my word for anything. Visit Bob's site and I dare you to tell me he's not laugh-out-loud funny and an insightful golf journalist.

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