Monday, December 27, 2010

"When To Regrip Your Ball Retriever" - Average Golfer Book Review

Who couldn't use some golf yuks right about now more than me? Last week in December, 4 degrees outside, colder than a recent ex-spouse. My clubs are away until at least April so golf thoughts are on the back burner. If you're in a similar situation or just appreciate the humor in this confounded game, you'll find a release in Bobby Rusher's When To Regrip Your Golf Retriever. Forty seven "chapters" arranged in flip chart style with big print. Something for every forehead slapping occurrence we've all had on the golf course. There goes your last excuse for not picking up this book.

Aside from the title's answer you'll find many more solutions faced by the average golfer. Without giving away the farm I'd mention my personal favorites as being "How to Behave When You Lie Two on the Ladies' Tee" and "The Importance of Carrying a 95 Degree Wedge". You see a tree root modified my 60 degree to a 95, so this chapter held particular significance.

The book flows along and Mr. Rusher indeed proves he speaks from experience and of the same language we all pick up pretending to master the game. I've picked the book up several times for rereads and laugh at the same material with the same vigor. Definitely an Average Golfer recommend.

Evidently Mr. Rusher has a substantial cottage industry in the works, this book being the sequel to, How To Line Up Your Fourth Putt and a music CD, "Music To Shank By" by The Mighty Mulligans. All in the same vein, all clever and frequently laugh-out-loud funny.

Find them all at, or check out The 4th Putt Video on YouTube.  I've been assured no balls were harmed in the making of this video.

* Disclaimer - The publisher supplied the author of this review with a gratis copy of each book and the CD. They were subsequently donated to another golfer who enjoys laughing.