Monday, March 17, 2008

Volviks, The Forgotten Balls.

Lost in a sea of Pro V1s and Nike Ones lies a ball with much less notoriety, but more panache than the big boys. I give you the Volvik Crystal. Soft feel, 70 compression, and the niftiest semi-transparent cover this side of Paris Hilton. Speaking of her tartness, some people will go to great lengths just to get in Wikipedia. Back to balls. I currently own two Volviks, one traditional white, one pink. I've never played a better ball. The unique shell makes it easy to find. Unlike premium balls, if anyone else finds it they give it back. I buy them for those reasons alone.

Volvik's headquarters are in Summerfield, FL and headed by the husband and wife team of Chuck and Delphia Womer. The have a cool little website highlighting their products. It's worth a look just to see the large amount of novelty balls they produce. The Crystal is the headliner though. It's available in ten stock colors and I'd bet they'd custom color them for you! Two piece balls they are with a three piece available as well for you golf snobs. I can assure you that this average golfer will be playing the Volvik exclusively this year if I can find enough of them.

On the subject of balls, Golf Magazine, February 2008, had the most exhaustive ball test I ever deemed possible. 54 balls, 15 devoted pages to decipher the best balls for all abilities. I'm smarter than the average bear, but I must admit that wading through this pseudo-science drivel made my hair hurt. Teams of NASA researchers couldn't have figured this baby out. So average golfer here is going to give you the real deal lowdown on golf balls.....

1. If your handicap is 20+ play the best ball you can find. Literally.

2. If your handicap is 10-20 play any mid-priced ball you can find. i.e. $18-$29.

3. If you're a single digit handicap you already know which $40+ ball you prefer.

Follow this. I promise you won't notice the difference between manufacturers. I know, y'all thank me in advance.

Til' next,


  1. I think too many people get carried away with balls. There is so much parity nowadays that unless you play all of the time, the only difference you notice is range ball vs all others.

    I have my preferences, but they arent based on price, but more what it feels like coming off the putter...which is the single most important thing for me.

  2. As it should be. Those marketing guys sure spend a lot of effort to get us to change, don't they?

    PS- I prefer range balls to Top Flite XLs.

  3. lol.

    I think what puts the range balls over the "Top" is that they float; something that cannot be said of TF-XL's.

  4. No, those Top Flites could be used as anchors! Thanks for the funny comment.

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