Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hey Phil, I Can Help!

Let me preface that Phil Mickelson doesn't need a lot of help. If he played in a Tigerless era he'd have been the #1 player for quite some time. He has Majors under his belt and truck loads of cash. He's universally recognized as one of, if not the, most talented players in golf history. His swashbuckling style has equally caused problems and created opportunities. I for one love to watch him play and wouldn't want to see a more "conservative" Phil. That being said, I've watched enough of Phil to finally realize one simple thing that has consistently made him Tiger's bridesmaid.
It's the WATCH! Athletes don't wear watches on the field unless they're marathoners. Eli Manning didn't wear a watch in the Super Bowl. LeBron James doesn't wear a watch while dunking. Major League baseball players wear tons of nugget necklaces, but no watches. Secretariat was never spotted on the track with a watch. Jewlery has it's place. C'mon Phil. Sport the Rolex at the trophy ceremony or the Champions Dinner at the Masters. Satisfy the sponsor with a logo on your cap, shirt, pants, or sweatband. Think back to the playground. What did we do to kids that wore watches during pick up games? We buried 'em, but only after unimaginable ridicule.

This one's easy and on me Phil. No more Harmon. No sports psychologists. Not one more measly range ball. Wanna beat Tiger? Lose the watch.

Another watch wearing pro golfer.
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  1. I like the watch, maybe he’s one of the few players concerned with the amount of time it takes to play a round. Maybe he likes being fully dressed, or maybe it’s like the pro baseball players with there gold chains. I wonder why they wear them during a major league game? I wonder more about why people wear a goatee, they look awful. Like they fell down in some cow dung, face first. I wonder more about why people would consider voting for Mr. Obama whom has nothing to offer us other than a lot of answers with no substance, don’t they all say they will change everything. Or why the government gives back refunds larger than the amount paid in to some people. Phil may be the closest thing we have now to Arnie on the tour, and we need people like that to watch. Found this on line.
    (Phil Mickelson delivered one of the great little side moments in sports Saturday. No, not his slide from tied for the lead with Tiger Woods to four shots back.
    Phil losing it while being paired with Tiger is as old news as Lindsay Lohan’s dad having a little trouble behind the wheel.
    Mickelson’s moment came when he launched a shot into the gallery on Doral’s 10th hole and got a lucky bounce off a fan’s wristwatch. When the ball rocketed off the watch, it smashed it. This caused Mickelson to promptly go over to the stunned fan and hand over two Ben Franklins.
    Now, no matter what you think of Mickelson, that’s cool.
    Can you imagine if Tiger hit a shot off a fan’s cheap timepiece? He’d probably send his caddy enforcer Steve Williams into the masses to scream at the man for daring to lift up his arm.
    Why didn’t you take it off the noggin, man! We might have gotten a better lie. Don’t you know anything about golf etiquette, you idiot!

    I too like the gunslinger in him, he’s not afraid of tiger, and I like that!

  2. Wow, that's a lot to get off your chest big fella. Golf and politics. religion!!

    Here's a site you'll enjoy....

    Seriously, thanks for the comments.


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  5. That fan with the watch was ultra lucky. That golf ball could have done much more than damage his watch.d:0

  6. True, a golf ball to the noggin can render a watch useless.
    Thanks for the comment!