Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tiger Woods Now Just a Very Good Pro Golfer.

 Hey, it happens to everyone. Think of your best achievement, sports related or not. Whether you had a 240 bowling average or sold more nuts and bolts than the rest of your co-workers, how long did your streak last? Ten years? Thirteen? Didn't think so. There goes Tiger Woods, major-less since 2008, in disguise on weekends in important tournaments and not the imposing assassin we'd come to expect. Woods' nasty 76 today left him in a T38 slot at The Barclays, the first event in the FedUp Cup playoffs. Not a major, but since he blanked in the majors this year, you can be assured Woods would have loved to dip his hand into the annual money grab. Why you ask, I answer...

1. He's 36. Athletes don't perform at 36 they way they did at 26, period. Sure, an occasional aberration occurs, ala Nicklaus' 86 Masters, but by and large no.

2. Long injury history. Multiple knee procedures don't go away. Even if you're not in immediate pain, the effects of multiple surgeries affect how you perform. See NFL.

3. He's playing swing, not golf. I have no idea if Sean Foley is a great golf instructor other than to observe his work. His most famous pupil ain't getting it done. Dead left pulls, Balloon right misses and especially approach shots with short clubs are woefully inadequate. Throw in some rather pedestrian putting and there you are.

4. No more legendary short game. It wasn't that long ago when Woods was in a green side bunker or chipping you were surprised when he didn't make it. Lifestyle changes can affect the amount of time you spend on these parts of the game. Anyone married? I don't know that's the case, but his short game looks like it.

5. Mental aspect. Woods was always so single minded that his opponents always knew he was more talented and had out-prepared them. Deadly combo. That's not the case any longer. Public train wrecks like his take their toll. Just a fact.

So, there you go. Expect Woods to win tournaments, he's won three this year. Don't expect the domination seen before 2009.

Swing hard, they'll make more.