Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shhh...... P.G.A. Tour Players at Work.

Find me a word that means more ridiculous than ridiculous. That's the word to describe the crime committed when any sort of noise is created within 500 ft. of a Tour player executing a shot. These guys can hear a fruit fly wearing bunny slippers land on an apple tree three fairways over. Obviously this topic is in the forefront after Tiger Wood's expletive laden rant last weekend because a camera clicked during his "transition". In Woods' defense, he has the largest galleries and therefore a greater chance of an incident like this happening. Still, I think it would bother my swing more knowing that as soon as the ball left my club face some moron in jeans shorts was going to yell "You Da Man !!!". Or my personal favorite from the tee box, "Get In the Hole !!!". I'd like to think that these highly skilled athletes, (weenies), who have hit millions of golf balls, would be immune to a little distraction. Furthermore, I don't recall any of these audio enhanced titans complain about noise after a great shot.

Let's add a little balance to the concept of a highly skilled individual's performance when subject to outside influences. I've thought of a few comparisons.......

1. World-class gymnasts. Through ferocious crowd and music noise, as well as camera flashes, they mange, for the most part, to not fall from 25 ft., land on their noggins and break their necks.

2. Jet fighter pilots. In spite of engine noise, wind, and a constant blabber on their headphones, they protect us from evil operating one of the most complex pieces of machinery known to man.

3. Surgeons. Some prefer music in the operating room. Chatter from the rest of the team, equipment, and monitor squeaks and hums don't prevent them from performing the most delicate of duties.

4. Policemen. Sirens, constant radio squawks, and gunfire are just some of their daily distractions.

5. Construction crews. Jackhammers. Enough said for this dangerous, yet precise profession.

6. Basketball players. Screaming, waving fans behind the backstop better not affect your free throw percentage.

7. Figure skaters. Can't have to be any more precise. All that with booming music, crowd noise and flash bulbs a poppin'.

I can cure any Tour player of their noise tolerance affliction. All they have to do is play with my regular group of average golfers a couple of times. If noise bothers Tiger and his buddies that much, my group would be in his wallet before we made the turn.

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  1. Funny stuff! I would really like the guy who yells "Get in the hole!" after every shot to please go back to NASCAR events and stay away from golf from now on.

  2. I agree. Or, force him to wear a muzzle. Do they really think they're shouting something original?

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. I actually agree that quiet needs to be kept. Ever try to really concentrate on something precision based?

    It's not easy with silence let alone with some half wit yelling. Man, I HATE that.

  4. See your point. I just think the pros can be a little hyper sensitive. That's why I pointed out the other professions.