Sunday, March 30, 2008

Romero Wins Zurich Classic of New Orleans, Cink Screwed

Andres Romero posted an early score at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans and no one could catch him . The Argentine shot a 68 today for a 275 total to best Australian Peter Lonard by a stroke. Tim Wilkinson of New Zealand was the show horse, a stroke behind Lonard. Romero penciled his score almost two hours before the rest of the field. He reportedly watched a movie, had a lesson from his teacher, and slept while awaiting the verdict. Woody Austin "choked" on the 18th to blow any shot at a win or playoff. Woody carded a seven on the par four having gotten stuck in the rough. Choke was Woody's word, not mine. Romero gained a spot in the Masters for his effort.

Stewart Cink's tournament was over long before he realized it. While speaking with Zach Johnson about bizarre golf rules, Cink related how the day before he'd taken a stance in a bunker to hit a ball outside the bunker. The result was he hit into another bunker. He then raked the sand in bunker #1. That was his downfall. Golf's rules say he was testing the conditions in a hazard by doing so. After consulting with a rules official he DQ'd himself. Yes, nice move in keeping with golf's traditions, honor and all. Average golfer says he was a victim of one of the myriad stupid, inane, bullcrap rules that golf holds so precious. There's too many of them. If a professional golfer doesn't know if he broke a rule on the same day it occurred, how would we know? Golf's rules are written in Martian. They even have a book of rulings to explain the rules! Golf is difficult enough without dragging that chain around. Simplify the rules, everyone wins.

Bubba Watson apologized for his on course tantrum. Evidently, it was done in the scorer's tent immediately after his round. Bubba had gone off on Steve Elkington over movement during his set up and swing. Shegeki Maruyama witnessed. You see Bubba out drives his playing partners by so much that when he's setting up to his second shot they're walking to their third. Nice move on Bubba's part. Right thing to do.

The Masters is coming, The Masters is coming.

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  1. There is some absolutely bizarre rule s in golf ..

    Something like this where there was absolutely no advantage should incur no penalty.

  2. Yeah - that whole Cink thing was odd...

  3. You're both right.

    The even crazier part is if his caddie hadn't raked the trap he wouldn't have been DQed. He was DQed not for the violation itself, but for not accounting for the penalty strokes and therefore he signed an incorrect score card. Had he played from the 2nd bunker though he would have had to go back to bunker #1 and then rake it. In doing so he would be dangerously close to being penalized for slow play, or at least been put on slow play "watch". There's also an internal PGA penalty for not raking bunkers.


  4. Hey Shotlink volunteers, I was upset this year about the lack of transportaion during the rain delays, lighting all around and no one to pick 25 of us hiding under Hole 6 Bathroom Porch cover.

    If you are interested in volunteering, think again. You get 1 meal ticket, 1 Shirt and a Hat for $50.00, then you walk, walk and walk. With no help whatsoever, and spend money out of your own pocket to stand for 12 Hours and run a machine. Pain in the you know what. Don't do it. It sucks.

  5. Thanks for the heads up. I'm not much of a volunteer though. Unless it's mattress testing.