Friday, September 19, 2008

Faldo's Gone Daft - Garcia, Westwood Sit in Day #2 Ryder Cup Foursomes.

Imagine sitting Kobe Bryant down in game #2 of the NBA finals when your team's down 1-0. If I were the coach I wouldn't wait to be fired, I'd just gather my gear and sidle out the back door. Well, that's equal to the goofiest move I've ever heard of in Ryder Cup annals. Perhaps captain Nick is just setting up his huge ego to be able to say, "I came back from being down on day #1, I sat my two best Cuppers in the day #2 foursomes, and still won the friggin' Cup!

Now this is a completely different team from the one that's been routinely collecting cups. No Monty, no Clarke, no Olazabal, and now no Garcia or Westwood for half of day #2. Goodbye Sergio, hello Owen Wilson. Mr. Wilson, in addition to being a fine golfer, is the unknown Beach Boy.

Perhaps Westwood's still feeling the effects of extreme tonsillitis, but benching Sergio? Sheer lunacy, prosecutable in my mind, and good for us.

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  1. What IS that all about? Have to agree it must have something to do with the Faldo ego. The gallery mustn't be too happy. They want to see Sergio. It'll be interesting to see how this comes out.

  2. Boggles my mind. Can't imagine any circumstance you'd bench Sergio, unless he was injured.

  3. Garcia requested it apparently, Westwood was the weird one and was clearly not too happy about it. Faldo's wife told the bbc that they had both requested to be rested and Lee came out an said it was nonsense. If Faldo had just came out and given his reasons it wouldn't have been such a big deal. It all worked out pretty well in the morning though. Beach boy Wilson taking down big Phil from four down after 7, you didn't see that coming did you...

  4. What Wilson did was borderline cheating. He had doughnuts in his golf bag. He had his caddie open the pocket on the back nine so Phil got a whiff. I sure hope there's an investigation.