Monday, September 15, 2008

The 37th Ryder Cup - Just Play Already !

Just another sign that it's the end of the world as we know it, but I feel fine. Ryder Cup media coverage is reaching fever pitch. I hardly can tell if I'm reading a golf website or People Magazine. Faldo snubs Clarke, Azinger picks guys outside the top 50. Woods may or may not visit Valhalla to rally the troops. Faldo rips Azinger's assistant captain selections. And the list goes on and on....

Perhaps it's all fallout from a lackluster late summer golf season. TV ratings are plunging and the casual golf/Tiger Woods fan couldn't really care any less. Even $10,000,000.00 can't get their remotes to hit on a tournament or get Vijay to offer up a sentence or two. I always wondered if guys like Vijay and Ernie Els watch the Ryder Cup. Which leads to a stroke of average golfer brilliance. Why not form a third Ryder Cup team from the nations that can't play in the current format? Australia, Fiji, Asia, and South Africa could field a representative squad. Every two years the previous winner gets a bye. The other two play to see who challenges the defending champs. Theoretically you could play in every Ryder Cup, or none. More world class players get to be seen and winning actually means something. Won't happen, makes too much sense.

Ryder Cup buzz can be interesting. Much more discussion and time is involved in the run-up than the event. It's half the fun. Still, the speculation is meaningless once the first ball is in the air. Players have good days and bad. A lot of the deciding in a three day event depends on who's hot during that tiny stretch. Stats are useless. World ranking is yesterday's news. What you're doing for me today rules. Let's hope for a competitive match that renders the final day's singles matches as important. I have a feeling we'll get one. These guys are all great golfers. It's just a question of how many are how great for three days and on which team. Enough with the jaw flapping already. Let's see some golf.

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  1. I'm loving the build up to it, all the analysis of what they're wearing, pairings speculations, the odd juicy quote springing from unexpected sources all over the gaffe. I agree with your Rest of the world team view, though I think the ryder cup should stay as it is, keep the presidents cup and then have another tournament between Europe and the ROTW team. Why do the Americans get the chance to play them and the Euroboys don't? Oh, I remember, Tiger Woods wouldn't be playing in it, thats just not marketable...

  2. I think it would be interesting and add a world match that would generate some buzz. It'll be interesting to see the Ryder Cup TV ratings after this week.

  3. With the FedExCup all but decided, it's nice to be excited about the PGA again. I also love the idea of a World match. Maybe it will be in the 2017 Olympics

  4. It's about all that's left to the golf season. Let's hope it's at least competitive so the match is watched and TV ratings justify the hoopla.