Saturday, February 23, 2008


Stewart Cink and Tiger Woods will tee it up for one last time tomorrow to decide the outcome of the 2008 WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship. Cink handily dispatched Justin Leonard by playing the front nine in 7 under par. I'd like to say Leonard was game, but he wasn't. The Woods/Stenson match was much more interesting. The shot that decided it was a 12' putt by Woods on the 17th hole. Stenson had tied the match on the 16th with a clutch putt of his own to draw even. It was short lived though. Needing to win the 18th to force extra hole(s), Stenson botched the hole completely. A one hole lead by Woods was the largest of the match.

Let's predict Sunday's 36 hole final.

What does Cink have to do to win? .....Simple, make putts and keep it in play. Mostly make putts. He's proven he can be a birdie machine here, but in match play you don't need birdies. You just need a better score on a hole than your opponent. If he makes the 8-15 footers when putting first, the pressure goes back on Tiger. If Stenson had made two of those, he'd be playing Cink.

If you're Tiger, what do you have to do?.....Be Tiger. Keep your tee balls in play and make the 8-15 footers that pressure your opponent.

Who wins? Well, Tiger should win for the obvious reason. He's a better player. He may have a bit of an advantage over 36 holes due to conditioning, but not a large one. Cink appears to be in pretty good shape. A red hot putter is Cink's main chance. He can't count on Woods wilting. He's capable of getting that hot though.


Consolation Match-Who Cares?

I hope it's enjoyable. I'll tune in for the second 18 hoping it's still a contest. I believe it will be.

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-Average Golfer Insider Photo of the Day-

Johnny Miller analyzing a putt that Stewart Cink
pulled a tad left. Johnny, with the camera zoomed
to Cink's fingers, explained the role of each of
3 fingers and why his left hand closed the putter
face to miss left. The truth is the camera showed nothing
and Johnny was in the booth. He couldn't see Cink's
aim or swing path, both major contributors to
pulling putts. Once again, Johnny sucombs to the
need to impress us with his brilliance.


  1. Update

    The Tiger Machine just crushed everything including the Cink.

  2. Yup, he did. The final was a dud. Escaping J.B. Holmes and Baddeley was better golf.