Friday, February 15, 2008

10 Golf Thoughts for the Weekend

I'm giving you 10 ponderables (sic) to sate your appetite for inane golf topics. I start my newest career tomorrow and probably won't ask if I can bring a laptop to post on this site. Maybe day #2.

1. Phil, Northern Trust Open, -10, 4 clear, (that's what they say on the European Tour). 2 rounds left. Hold 'em or fold 'em?

2. Annika, SBS Open at Turtle Bay, -7, tied for the lead with one round left. Hold her or fold her? (Not quite the same ring.)

3. Momoko Ueda, Kenyan marathoner or LPGA member?

4. Yu Lin Ping, LPGA member. What clubs does she endorse?

5. Best Golf Hangover, Steve Lowery, last week's winner. This week solo 139th, (dead last), +15.

6. Big John Daly, +1, 2 inside the cut line. Better.

7. Butch Harmon says Adam Scott is the only player who can beat Tiger.

7a. Butch Harmon says John Daly is the only player who can beat Adam Scott.

7b. Butch Harmon says Natalie Gulbis is the only player who can beat John Daly.

8. I think PGA Tour players should be allowed to wear shorts if they choose.

9. I think some LPGA players should be required to wear long pants.

10. I love Laura Davies. The grande dame of ladies golf. If you ever have the chance to hear her interviewed, take it. She's the best interview on any tour.

There you have it. 10 pieces of rather useless fodder for conversation. Or if you prefer, "One man's manure is another man's cow crap."

Til' next,


  1. 1. Don’t Trust Phil anymore
    2. Hope she holds
    3. ? - I dunno
    4. I hope PING
    5. Sucks to get old, those hang-over’s, hang over!
    6. I like big John, hope he is on the way back
    7. He may be one of the few who believe they can.
    8. No way, it still looks like a gentleman’s sport
    9. Or play on the men’s tour
    10. Thanks for the tip

  2. Bob,

    Thanks for checking out my site.

    Yours is very impressive. Do you write for Golf Digest or one of the other big mags? I love to play- still a 7 these days, though getting old and short swinged.

    Much of what you write seems as if you might have access to the inside of the tour. Some very neat tidbits and funny stuff- will be back to visit.

    Dr. B

  3. Dr B.,
    Thanks for your kind words. I'll trade my 14 for your 7 or take the strokes if you like.

    No golf magazine connections. I just started this because of a long time love of the game and the advent of spellcheck. I'll return to you site as well.


  4. Hi. This is Bob's sister Carla, whose six-year old son Ian had his FIRST GOLF LESSON today! As his vocabulary increases, you'll find a new contributor to the blog...

    P.S. Today he was routing for Quinney

  5. Sorry about Quinney. He choked huge on the back 9.He's young, he'll have more chances.

    Welcome to the site I-MAN !!!!!!