Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well, the field is cut in half. I finished 23 for 32. Good enough to write another column, but not good enough to quit my day job. For anyone that read my picks and used them for wagering......that was stupid. I suppose the big story was Woods salvaging victory from the jaws of defeat. That explains why I'm known as the Cliche King. Ernie Els got his head handed to him by Jonathan Byrd, future Hall of Famer, 6 and 5. If it was a fight, they'd have stopped it. Ernie better watch out. They're drug testing this year.

Here's the mighty Bobbio's lowdown on Round #2. I was thinking of back dating a post after the results started flowing in, but changed my mind.


Woods (1) vs Olberholser (9) Woods had the wake up call. Woods
Toms (13) vs Baddeley (5) Guess the stack & tilt's OK. Baddeley.
Dredge (15) vs Casey (7) Dream Date's over. Casey.
Choi (3) vs Poulter (6) Should be a great match. Choi in a photo finish.


Byrd (16) vs Romero (9) And the fairytale continues. Byrd.
Stenson (4) vs Immelman (5) I like Mr. Serious. Stenson.
Scott (2) vs Austin (10) I ain't backing off the Woodman. Woody.
Weekly (11) vs Garcia (3) Sorry Boo. Mr. Crybaby, Garcia.


Mickelson (1) vs Appleby (8) Biggest upset of Round #2. Appleby.
Leonard (13) vs Westwood (5) I love Justin. His game's back. Westwood.
Pampling (15) vs O'Hern (10) Pampling knocked out Rose, one of my favorites. O'Hern.
Singh (3) vs Fasth (6) I said Vijay goes down in Round #2. Fasth.


Stricker (1) vs Mahan (9) Stricker survived a dogfight. Stricker.
Cabrera (4) vs Donald (5) I like The Duck. Cabrera.
Montgomerie (15) vs Howell (10) Underestimated Colin in Round #1. Mrs. Doubtfire.
Harrington (3) vs Cink (6) Should be another great match. Harrington.

There you go ! Consider these educated picks at your own peril.

Til' next,

In case you were wondering........When they took the lead out of the gas, this is where they put it.

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