Saturday, February 9, 2008

Survivor - P.G.A. Style

We interrupt this broadcast....I have to get this off my chest. Who the hell cares if Roger Clemens' wife was taking HGH or any other substance. If Roger was, then maybe she needed to in order to remain competitive in certain areas, if you catch my drift?

Back to golf. After the first day of play in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am I listed the first ten finishers. Let's see where they are now.

1. Kent Jones, T-12, 4 strokes out.
2. John Mallinger, T-22, Yikes!
3. Roland Thatcher, T-71, Roland the Headless Thompson Golfer, Bonus pts. if you get it!
4. Brad Adamonis, T-120, 67,77,77.
5. Jay Williamson, T-11, hangin' tough
6. Michael Allen, T-3, only 2 back.
7. J.B. Holmes, T-61, 78 today.
8. Kris Cox, T-133, 82 today. Realized where he was I guess.
9. D.A. Points, T-11, Leading the abbreviated first namers.
10. Tim Herron, T-11, Needs a 64 or 65 in my opinion.

I guess we can see why they bother to play all four rounds. It must be tough to be in the top ten after day #1 and then miss the cut.This is a large field. That makes for some notables playing that otherwise wouldn't make the starting gun. Notable observations....

Vijay, T-1, -9. It was hard to believe that this guy would be down for long. Phil, MC, I suppose it's time to wonder. He loves these courses and should have played well. The little bit I saw him he resembled the gunslinger Phil, not the plan every shot Phil. Today he might as well been putting with a 2X4. Robert Floyd, -4. Making the best of an exemption and making the old man proud I'm sure. Jason Day, -6. Heralded Aussie. Youngest man on the tour. Showing flashes of the hype as the next Tiger killer. John Daly and Greg Norman, both +9. Same scores, different reasons. DL III, -3. Pretty good after ankle surgery and back problems. David Duval, +12. OK David, I admire your gumption, but maybe you should work this out on the Nationwide.

Tune in tomorrow for a winner. I need Herron!

Til' next,

PS-I was hoping to have the amateur winners to list. As of post time I couldn't locate them.

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