Thursday, January 31, 2008

Golf Conundrums

There's not a lot percolating in the golf world for the average golfer on a Thursday morning in the East. The FBR hasn't started yet. The Golf Channel told me that Tiger has a two stroke lead in Dubai. It's 21 degrees here, so I won't be teeing it up. Here's a list of what happens in my puny brain when left with too much time.......

1. Do you consider the European Tour to be Triple A compared to the PGA Tour?

2. Do you realize that when the average golfer is asked how far they drive the golf ball they over estimate by 30-40 yards?

3. Do you think Annika will be the Annika of before and give Lorena, et al, a run for their money this year?

4. If you can win $500,000+ for second place, would that help ease the pain of not winning?

5. Aren't the European Tour announcers just better? They say things like "brave little chip" and "whilst". Would you dare to say whilst at work?

6. Am I the only average golfer that gets the full swing yips?

7. Wouldn't watching the FBR be better if they only broadcast the 16th hole and we got to see everyone play it?

8. Does Ernie Els look like he needs some coffee? No offense, but he appears, and I stress, only appears to be partaking of combustibles on the course.

9. Is this the only 2008 Rory quote regarding Tiger? "_________________ ."

10. If Tiger passes his PGA Tour drug test, should they bother to test anyone else?

I'm out of original thoughts. My hair hurts.

Til' next,


  1. no they shouldn't test anyone else if tigers is clean...and no $500,000 for second place is not enough to ease the a below average golfer myself i think $5.00 would do it...

  2. Don't sell yourself short. I can get you 8, maybe 10 dollars. Easy.

  3. 1 .Consider the European tour triple A? Do you watch the Rider Cup?
    2. I would have guessed more.
    3. I don’t watch that much of the LPGA
    4. With $500,000, what pain?
    5. Somewhat, I like the announcers on the Senior Tour
    6. No
    7. That’s the only way you would have a chance to see some other players other than TW. I’ll take it
    8. (The Big Easy), hello
    9. Hey thank God, one player cares
    10. He will pass no mater what, don’t bother

  4. 1. Yes, triple A.

    2. Yes, assuming the average golfer is male, many females underestimate, I would guess.

    3.No, Lorena will be the Annika of before.

    4.Personally, yes $500,000 would help. A lot.

    5.Yes, Love those brave little chips.

    6. No way, so many people get them.
    A couple of drinks before teeing off helps a bunch.

    7. Yes, yes, yes! We should get to see everyone there.

    8. I'm over Ernie Els. I think.

    9. I hope not. Love Rory quotes.

    10. Nope, no need.