Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tilghman Silenced for Two Weeks.

Consequently, we have decided to suspend Kelly for two weeks, effective immediately.

There's your answer. Symbolic or not, Golf Channel justice has been handed down. Tiger's Woods management agency, IMG, issued a statement saying that Woods considered the matter to be "over". He and Ms Tilghman have a long history of friendship that obviously worked in her favor. Nevertheless, the echoes of her comments will last more than two weeks.

Anyone bothered by the Rev. Al Sharpton calling for her firing? Geez, if it were up to Al, nobody would have a job. Self-serving, sanctimonious drivel is now a career choice. If there were no microphones or cameras would the good Reverend exist? Something tells me though that his constant rantings are starting to erode in the public discourse. Boy who cried wolf syndrome. There's an excellent chance that our next president will be an African-American or a woman. Guess we've made some progress.

It must be uncomfortable being in Kelly Tilghman's shoes lately. I suppose that's how it should be and is a form of punishment of it's own. Is anyone other than me curious to see who's in her spot this week at the SONY?

No post yesterday. High winds and downed trees knocked the starch out of my internet connection.

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