Friday, January 25, 2008

Halftime at The Buick Invitational - What's to know?

What did we glean from the first tourney of the year with Woods and Mickelson? For one I rarely say glean in real speech. Second, Wood's game has less rust than Phil's. After only hitting 6 of 14 fairways Woods carved a smooth 65 for a 4 shot lead over Q-school, and this week qualifier, Kevin Streelman. Woods with a 4 shot bulge over a Tour rookie is almost cannon fodder. Watching Woods reminded me of how important the short game is, even for the world's best. Actually, 6 of 14 fairways for me would be record setting.

I gleaned that my "other" picks in the previous post were crap. Don't rely on me for fantasy picks. My fantasies generally favor other subjects. Out of my lot....Pat Perez, home for the weekend. Evidently Pat didn't take me up on the valium suggestion. K.J. Choi, still celebrating his Hawaii win I guess. Tim Herron, made the cut at even par. Maybe Lumpy will go low tomorrow and make himself some money.

Watch Kevin Streelman tomorrow. He negotiated all 3 stages of Q school, one of only three players to do that last fall. He was a last minute alternate in this week's tournament. He stands at -8, four off Wood's lead, and will be playing with Woods in tomorrow's last group. He obviously has nothing to lose and it should be fun to see how he holds up. I would advise him to not pull a Rory between tonight and tomorrow morning.

This isn't playing out to be any kind of epic duel, but I believe that would be asking too much. Despite the appearance of the top two superstars in the game, the fact of the matter is that this is very, very early in the season for anyone not worried about keeping their Tour cards. The top players pace their season around the majors. This is like baseball spring training for them. For the regular guys trying to stay on Tour, a win, or a good showing here is as important as a major. Kind of a reflection of life, haves, have-nots, the ruling class, and the rest of us! Philosophy tires me and kills brain cells.

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  1. I know this is off topic but since this is a golf blog maybe you can help me out. I'm trying to find a new golf clothing line called the "Sorrell Collection" and I'm not having much luck. Do you know where I can find this fashion setting golf ensemble?

  2. No problem, glad you asked. Better hurry though, the spring line came out in December and has been leaping off the shelves. Try......123 Deerskinner Way, Schuyler Falls, NY.

  3. I've seen parts of this collection, it's different. You might call it daring, and unique. I most liked the headwear, and the new style facial hair design. I hope the new 2008 collection is as noticeable as previous years, you feel watched if you’re with someone clad in this collection.

  4. I fondly recall a sort of checkered "Elmer Fuddish" kind of ball hat some years back being worn by one of the more stylish members. That's the 1st piece of the collection I recall seeing on the course. Sadly it wasn't around long.

  5. I remember that hat in the club house when I first stated playing golf, around 1997. I remember thinking then, that if I bought that hat, that I had better be able to beat anyone on the course. Or I would not be able to stand the drubbing I would get over that hat.
    It does belong in the Sorrel collection, and so might the owner.