Sunday, January 13, 2008

NFL vs PGA Tour

A number of forces have come into play this weekend. I'm temporarily between careers, it's dead mid winter here, and my cable bill is paid. The abundance of time forces me to make huge decisions, all of which include me resting on my increasingly ample butt.

I guess you're either a Patriots lover or hater. I'm a hater. They're too good and they got caught cheating and Coach Bill rubs me the wrong way. Now, if he coached the Raiders ??? Tuning in to see if the Jags could make a game of it I was greeted by the dulcet tones of Phil Simms. Who does he have pictures of that put him in the booth? Sony Open 1, NFL 0. The remedy was to turn the sound off and put Chipmunks Christmas on continual loop on my stereo. Worked just fine! During commercials I flicked to TGC's Sony Open coverage. Amazingly KJ Choi hit the exact same approach shot on the same hole I'd seen yesterday. Yes, I was unemployed yesterday as well. It hit me, reruns of golf until 7:00 EST thru next Wednesday. The Patriots rose, the Jags petered, fresh golf prevailed.

As I write the song remains the same with a character change. My home state Giants, who I try to like, and the love/hate Cowboys. Troy Aikman in the Phil Simms role. This time I've reversed. I turned the picture off, but have the sound on in the background. Chipmunk photos on the desk so I can make a valid comparison. Aikman's marginally better than Phil. He's not as prone to making incredibly dumb sounding statements, but can hold his own. The game's close and should remain that way until final round coverage of the Sony. This sedentary life has moved the Vegas odds on me having a heart attack in the next month to 7/2. Bet early, bet often. Let me know what you watched and what you thought. Again, that's why I'm here.

Two things of note. Sort of in reference to my last column. The European Golf Channel has ceased broadcasting. (Digital Spy) Hey, easy now. Also, if you're a websurfer, is an interesting take on the golf world with a European slant. It makes for good diversion reading.

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  1. NFL for me, I can watch golf all year long. I’m sorry but I pay little attention to football announcers, none can make it more interesting or exciting. I do hate the time it takes to play 60 minutes of football. I do wish that we could get better golf tournament coverage, somewhere on the course there must be someone hitting a golf shot while tiger is lining up his putt. I don’t want to watch anyone line up there putts. Maybe we could watch both at the same time; we need a device that switches channels as commercials come and go. Picture it, the play ends, and we are switched to the golf tourn. Until the next play.
    Why do we play golf, and who are we, can you compare people with their handicap.

  2. Tiger brings in the money. The occasional golf fan only watches when he's playing. regarding putts, there's a camera at every green making putts easy to show. In the fairway the crews have to scramble to get a shot without disrupting the players. Picture-in-picture screen allows watching both?



  3. Hey here is a great question, why do more people watch when tigers playing? Is it because he hits the longest drives, no it can’t be, because he is not even in the top ten. Maybe its his swing, well I doubt its that, its not as nice as Mr. El’s, or Mr.Elkington’s. maybe its his accuracy, I could understand that, oh wait a minute tigers 152 on the tour in driving accuracy, he only hits 59% of the fairways. Well it has to be his putting, woops he’s not #1 there eather.well maybe it’s his putting style or the way he lines up his putts (we sure get to see enough of that). I guess I’m not understanding why more people watch when he’s playing, is it that they are band wagon people. Maybe that’s why watching a tournament he’s in for us golfers, make it less palatable. Tiger woods does nothing for me, except I pay more now for golf stuff now. His shots are not prettier, his swing is not more graceful, the old days of golf as a gentleman’s game, GONE, and now what, some muscled up robot man. People screwing up nice old golf courses, thanks tiger for nothing. If you are reading this, ask yourself are you a jump on the bandwagoner?

  4. People like Tiger. That's why they watch him. Period. I can see you're not in that club, but you're the minority. Most TV golf viewers aren't the knowledgeable, talented, avid golfer that you obviously are. Most golf viewers are 62 years old, 40 lbs. overweight, play 1-2 times/month, shoot 102, and tell their friends it was an 89. Tiger has another following I suspect that is younger, doesn't play very much golf, and think he's cool. Could be wrong, just my take.