Friday, February 19, 2010

Woods' Mea Culpa Seemed Sincere

As apologies go this one appeared to have covered all the bases, family, friends, fans, sponsors. Tiger Woods' public apology ran the gamut. In the interest of rehab and recovery, it had to. Whether one believes him is probably a matter of your opinion of him before the speech. I don't think any popularity polls were changed in the twelve or so minutes that he spoke. Like any other change of direction in life, the stated behaviors are one thing, the proof is in doing. Rightly, he admitted as much. Woods faces the challenge of time in that regard. His problems didn't develop in twelve minutes, nor will they be repaired that quickly. Still, if you're a Tiger backer, today's outpouring was a necessary first step in the journey.

I heard it remarked that it must have been excruciatingly difficult for Woods to take to the podium today and bare his indiscretions to a world-wide audience. To that I say it should have been. Any pain Woods felt has been multiplied by what's been felt by his family. From a purely humanistic side I hope he was genuine and have no reason to believe he wasn't. I was especially glad to hear that's he's evidently realized his behavior on the course had become boorish. I was also struck while watching the proceedings by the shots of his mother sitting in the front row. She appeared relatively stern, arms tightly folded across her chest, almost dismissive of what her son was saying. Moms hold a lot of power over their male offspring. Maybe this one is an important factor in righting the son's course.

I've contended all along that Woods' troubles were of little concern to me outside of the sympathy I had for the innocents involved, namely his family. Still, I'd have been remiss if I hadn't commented on this leg of the Woods saga. The one thing I wanted to hear most today didn't occur. When is he putting the peg in the ground next?

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  1. A necessary step. No way around a block like that. He'll have to work his way through.

  2. Indeed. As we say up here...."He's gotta lot of wood to cut."