Sunday, February 28, 2010

Calcavecchia Wins Waist Management Phoenix Open

Waste Management Phoenix Open - Final RoundMark Calcavecchia, despite finishing 9 strokes behind the title event winner Hunter Mahan, captured the adjunct tournament, the Waist Management Open, with a final round 74, -7 total, and 250+ pounds at Thursday's weigh- in. Calc's 1st victory of the season proved he's still a force to be reckoned with as he approaches 50 and that "other" tour. Calc was quoted as remarking after his victory, "Hey, just walking 18 holes should count as a win. If it's hilly it should count as a major." Pre-tourney favorite John Daly was disqualified for having lost too much weight after his recent lap band surgery. There's no truth to the rumor though that Daly, Camilo Villegas, and Charles Howell III will be forming a separate tour for players under 135 lbs. By the way, Hunter Mahan captured his 2nd career PGA win in the regular event, finishing at -16. Final WMPO results.

Ice Cream! Get Your Ice Cream!

Make mine a double scoop with sprinkles. Who could fault the uninitiated from mistaking this pair for a couple of ice cream vendors. I'm no fashion plate and have no bone to pick with tour pro's ensembles, but does the likes of Puma, et al, expect these get ups to translate to public sales? Color me skeptical. What I'd really love to see is Calcavecchia in Fowler's duds. On second thought...

Waste Management Phoenix Open - Round Three

Waste Management Phoenix Open - Final Round

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  1. LOL I did purchase Mr. Fowler's blue plaid puma pants (shorts version) for Hubbie. He'll be pairing them with a tamer shirt, but they look good.

    BTW, I used to have a rule in college that I wouldn't date any guy who could fit into my jeans. Mr. Villegas better start eating some ice cream. ;o)

  2. What an incredible coincidence! I won't date women that don't fit into my jeans.

  3. Calc has a weird action. That left elbow is just crazy! And he's a good ball striker, as a rule. Just shows there's a lot of ways to get it done. Pass the ice cream.

  4. Yea, he stole my chicken wing. Naw....too easy.

  5. Poor Calc, even his divots look like donuts. If he keeps growing he's going to have a hard time shooting his waist size.

  6. He still hits it well and has always known how to put it in the hole. More of an "everyman's player" than Daly.

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