Friday, October 3, 2008

Pros Deal With Weather, Tour Cards at Turning Stone.

You could tell it wasn't really a golf day. Upper 40s for temperatures, 15 mph winds, intermittent rain, and looming darkness in the 2nd round of the Turning Stone Resort Championship in Verona, NY. Average Golfer is about 300 miles away, had the same weather, and wouldn't have played today for love or money. Even The Golf Channel wasn't all that interested. Their usual read by AP golf writer Doug Ferguson wasn't anywhere to be found. Golf's a tough sell right now. Most of the big boys are on vacation, it's football weather, and Sarah Palin's the only one drawing increased ratings for any of the networks. By the way, what do pro golfers do on vacation? Work?

For the boys working hard to keep their playing privileges it was a golf day. Jeff Overton held the lead for the 2nd straight day to finish the halfway mark at -8. Overton's at 142nd in the money rankings. A win here would virtually cement his card. Tag Ridings, 152nd in the money rankings, is a single stroke back at -7. Jason Day, 129th in the money, -6 for this event. Robert Allenby, 13th in money, tied for 4th in this event with Mark Hensby, who is currently 164th in the money rankings and Chucky Three Sticks, 83rd in the rankings. Boy, do you think Hensby has some pressure on him? Also, do you think there's any resentment from players struggling to keep their livelihood when a guy like Allenby chooses to tee it up in a Fall Series event?

Still cool tomorrow, some wind, but more sun. Today's round was shortened due to darkness with just a few players still on the course. No one involved was near the lead and they'll finish up early tomorrow morning.

Go Red Sox !

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  1. Hi Bobbio - firstly good article!

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  2. I have extreme respect for these guys who are fighting to keep their cards. It's hard to believe anything less than $800,000 is a losing season. I'm pulling for Sowards. Go Bob Go!

  3. golf is golf, and the real fans are still watching.And Allenby is a real golfer with no reason i can see to give up any money he can win so that any one person could obtain a card. remember when someone getshis, another lost theirs.No-sox, second place,follow the $

  4. Heather,

    Liked your comment that 800K could be a losing season. You're the 1st Sowards fan I've come across. We'll keep an eye on him.

  5. anon,

    Real fans are watching. There's just not many of us left at this time of year. Was just raising the question about Allenby. You answered. Thanks.

    Sox up 2-0.

  6. mulligan +,

    I'll check out your site. Email should be on mine somewhere.