Thursday, October 30, 2008

Average Golfer Detour - Why We Read/Write Blogs

I had the luxury of some free time to catch up on some reading this week. I was attending an employer seminar and found myself in a hotel room with the TV remote and some neglected reading material I'd brought for the occasion. Knowing that the risque movie rentals would show up on my travel voucher, I opted for the printed word.

In the November 2008 issue of the Atlantic magazine I tripped over an article by Andrew Sullivan titled Why I Blog. Mr. Sullivan, in addition to his assigned duties at the Atlantic, maintains a couple of blogs in his "free" time. This particular article caught my fancy since I've recently asked myself the question, why do I blog? Vanity insists that I'm still quite fascinated that anyone would choose to peruse what I offer up. The numbers, albeit minuscule, are steadily climbing, so I'm happy to continue and develop my slant on the golf world, with an occasional side track for good measure.

Please, read Mr. Sullivan's take on the blogosphere and see if it doesn't hit the same familiar chords that it did with me. My guess would be yes or you wouldn't be right here, right now to begin with.

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