Monday, November 7, 2011

Tiger Woods Pours Water on Williams Fire At Australian Open Presser

In his press conference before the beginning of the Australian Open Tiger Woods said he'd recently met in person with ex-caddy Steve Williams, whose fresh, racially tinged comments had taken over golf coverage of late. Woods referenced the comments as "hurtful", but clearly stated that he felt Williams was "no racist".  That alone should finally put to rest, or at least return commentary back to golf action. If Woods was angry he hid it well, although usually there's not much deep insight to be gleaned from a Woods question and answer session. Still, this Average Golfer thought he was sincere and I'd expect no fireworks in the small chance that Woods and Adam Scott find themselves in the same group this week.

Of more interest may be the inclusion of upcoming President's Cup captains Fred Couples and Greg Norman. Norman of late has been particularly loquacious with comments of the wisdom of Couples picking Woods for the US squad and his opinions on the Steve Williams mess. I'd have to give Couples the nod this week though in a head to head match on the golf course.

I've been quick to criticize Woods in the past when I felt he deserved it, but I'll be equally quick to say I think he took the high road, whatever his motivations, in the Williams matter and helped bring focus back to the tournament.

Swing extra hard, they'll make more.

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  1. They both are very great players and i wish to watch tiger woods in action again he loos his great form and i wish to watch him as a great champion again.