Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why The US Won The Presidents Cup.

Outside of the obvious, "We won more matches", "We scored more points",  there's one real forehead slapping reason the US squad won this year's and most year's Presidents Cup competitions. We have better players.

According to the Official World Golf Ranking points system as of 11/18/2011 the average ranking of the 12 US players was 18.5. The Internationals 34.6. The 19th ranked player in the world would typically beat the 35th ranked player over a series of matches.

So sorry Uncle Albert.
Ain't math great?

Go ahead, they'll make more.


  1. I agree, but why then do we get our asses handed to us in the Rider Cup? Is the European squad better than ours? I don't think so...

  2. Good question... as of 10/3/10, the time of the last Ryder Cup, 5 Euros were in the top ten OWGR v. 4 Americans.

    Ryder has been more even in talent I believe, plus the Euro team spends a ton of time traveling and hanging together, which I think is a factor, though not as big as many think.