Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Golf and NBA Seasons Over.

This past weekend golf made it's unofficial exit from it's so-called season with the final event at the Disney-plex. Luke Donald captured it with a stirring Sunday 64. One would have thought that the win had locked up Player of the Year honors for Donald, but not so freakin' fast. The PGA Tour has decided to postpone POY balloting until after the WGC-HSBC Champions tourney, Nov. 3-6, in Shanghai, China. The prize money won't count as official money, but a win will count as a win. Makes Mr. Donald wonder what a guy has to do to win an award. FedUp Cup, Fall Finish, China this or that, let's just keep playing until the guy we want wins. We're not crying for Luke. He's done rather well for himself. It's the governing bodies that are blowing the legitimacy of their "organizations" out their tailpipes. Regardless, with the World Series and NFL action only wives, girlfriends and families were tuning in.

The golf nuts probably caught what they thought was a faux pas in the title pronouncing golf season over. The PGA Tour website lists the CIMB Asia Pacific Classic Malaysia, the aforementioned WGC-HSBC, and the President's Cup as left on the schedule. What, no Shark Shootout, or Tiger's Limited Field Event That Nobody  Wants To Play Anymore? With the exception of some minor rooting interest in the Prez Cup I'll see you in January in Maui. Pro golf never really ends anymore if you like to fly.

One death notice that's not premature is the NBA season. At least I hope that's the case. I can't think of a more inane professional sport that's lost it's appeal with the public. I used to be an avid NBA fan. Never on top of my list, but always in contention. A meaningless regular season where all but Scooter Store devotees make the playoffs did it for me. Basketball in June doesn't settle well with this Average Golfer. The trashing of the traveling rule to accommodate His Airness didn't help, nor did the doing away of what used to be called "palming the ball". Yeah, sure, I'm dating myself, but those fundamental changes altered the game into a contest of run and dunk. If you're a 6'10' Usain Bolt you've mastered the sport. I favor keeping 10' rims, but making the court larger. Kinda like Canadian football.  On the money issue I side with the players. If some moron owner is willing to pay a player ten times what they're worth, should they be expected take less? The owners are grabbing back control and the only recourse the players have is to withhold their services. Y'all come back in 2012 or 13 with a new found appreciation for each other and a bigger court. I still won't watch.

Swing hard, they'll make more.


  1. Nice wrap up for this PGA season. Can't wait for another season to unveil.

  2. Ha, great segment on the NBA. I too was a fan of the NBA and the Washington Bullets. When they changed the name to the Wizards I lost the ability to identify with my childhood team. Glad nobody in Washington is getting shot now that all the ammo is off the streets. See ya next year boys. Keep up the great work!

  3. Bullets.. That dates you. I was a big Wes Unseld fan at one time.

    Thanks for the look!

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