Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sunday Singles to Decide Solheim Cup - John Daly and R.E.M.

The US squad staged a furious rally in afternoon fourball matches, (That's best ball to us Yanks), and tied the 2011 Solheim Cup at 8 points per side. Sunday singles will decide the whole shootin' match. The US holds a prohibitive 69-42-13 overall record in singles play. As far as this Average Golfer can tell, the key match-ups should be Wie/Pettersen, with an under-performing Wie facing a Euro juggernaut, Davies/Inkster, with a combined age of 98 and never having met head to head in Cup play, and perhaps Kerr/Stupples. It's not that Kerr shouldn't beat Stupples, she should. Stupples has played like the Big Breaker, rather than Ryann O'Toole. It's that Rosie Jones placed Kerr in the last match of the day, where her tenacity may be wasted. See the full line-up here.

Hey John Daly! "Get in the taxi." 

I used to like John Daly. Hell, I used to like Wild Turkey too. Daly's latest display of ignorance on someone else's dime is just confirmation of what should be inevitable. Hey Big John, like R.E.M., the taxi's been out front for quite some time.   

Break some shoelaces, they'll make more...

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