Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Solheim Time

Once every two years the ladies duke it out for intercontinental supremacy in their golf world. Solheim time at Killeen Castle, Ireland, 9/23 - 9/25. 12 on 12, US vs. Europe for the Solheim Cup, courtesy of Karsten Solheim, PING founder, who developed the idea and hatched it in 1990. The US has won 8 of the 11 events held, but this year's match up appears to be relatively even with the added advantage for the Euros of being on home turf. It's truly a must see if you're even half a golf fan. The intensity and will to win displayed by both squads makes the men's President's Cup seem like thumb wrestling.

An indication of the worldwide spread of golf, men's and women's, presents a little conundrum in all international team events, but really strikes a chord in the Solheim Cup. You see, 5 of the top 10 ladies in the Rolex World Rankings are Asian, of course led by World #1 Yani Tseng.  Obviously this wasn't the case in 1990, but it sure is now. I think the women should lead their male counterparts and alter future Solheim matches to reflect this global shift and have an all inclusive set of matches. The LPGA sure could use a boost with it's number of annual tourneys nearly sliced in half. After all, what good is 1st place when the best team(s) didn't compete. Regardless, for this year make the Cup a priority on your TV. You won't regret it.

Average Golfer will update results later in the week and provide insightful and hilarious commentary as is expected.

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