Monday, September 26, 2011

Solheim and FedUp Cup Post Mortems


Before you roast Rosie Jones for playing Cristie Kerr in the first four matches of the 2011 Solheim Cup with a bad wrist consider... I'd guess Cristie said she was ready to play, period. Secondly, would the US squad be in the position they were in going into Sunday singles had Kerr sat? Who knows, doesn't matter. If Michelle Wie had won her match and others contributed, they could have won regardless. The Euros outplayed them on the day that usually counts and that's a wrap. The theory that the Euros should have have called Kerr's singles match a draw in the spirit of fair play is bunk. Michael Vick got hurt on Sunday and I wasn't expecting the Giants to give back any points. Congrats to the Euros and their win will make the next match all the more compelling.


Way to go Bill! Young Haas seems like a nice enough fellow. I have no evidence to the contrary to suggest there might have been a more deserving winner. $11,400.000 is a nice haul. That and the associated exemptions should serve Bill well for a long time to come. The cynic in me sees the FedUp Cup as a pure money grab. I don't see anyone that played at East lake this past weekend having to contact Social Services in the near future. Only by hedge fund manager's standards do they fall short. Nice work if you can get it.  The flip side says though that meaningless golf would have been played otherwise had there been no Cup. Let the meaningless golf begin now then. Not meaningless though if you're a pro struggling to keep his card and explaining to the wife and your backers that you really can play this confounding game.

Haas threw a monkey wrench into Fred Couples' final President's Cup selection though, making the Haas/Bradley decision a tougher one. I reckon the best out would be if Steve Stricker decides his own shoulder problem, coupled with hunting season, takes him out of the mix allowing Bradley and Haas to notch their passports with an Australian stamp. That way only Brandt Snedeker is pissed. It will bee nice though to see all of Tiger Woods' caddies, Fluff, Williams, and the newly appointed Joe LaCava share a locker room.

Swing hard, look right....


  1. "The theory that the Euros should have have called Kerr's singles match a draw in the spirit of fair play is bunk." Whoever came up with that probably supports the elimination of dodge ball, and learning to jump rope with no rope...the woosification of America...Hurt or no hurt, you go out and compete, it's WIN or LOSE period!