Thursday, February 3, 2011

Waste Management Open - Phrosty Phoenix

I know I'm late to the Scottsdale, (Where the hell is this thing, Phoenix or Scottsdale?), party for the Waste Management Open. If Calc wins it gets renamed the Waist Management Open. Hence, I'm pullin' for him. I'm late due to our own snow issues in the Northeast. 18" and counting. I spent the delayed tourney TV time shoveling off my porch roof so the insurance company won't have any excuses. I gotta find a kid to do this crap.

Early frost caused a late start, so partial scores are in order. 74, 69, 75 70. Praise George Carlin. Rest his soul. The quad of Bill Haas, Jason Bohn, (pronounced.....), Tom Gillis, and Tom Lehman thoughtfully shared an opening round 65, -6. Irrepressible Philly Mick was just two back with a 67. See, math is easy. With partial results it's really too early to comment on much. The watered down field in the festive atmosphere should crank up by Saturday though. The 16th hole "patrons" may even surpass the Super Bowl crowd in raucousness. If fact they definitely will since the only people allowed at the Super Bowl are corporate wags that got the only available ducats as part of their compensation package. I went to the '86 Bears/Patriots Bowl in New Orleans as a wag. Shoulda sold my ticket. Better views in a bar. Regardless, I did see Refrigerator Perry score a TD on what then passed for a big screen.

I know we're rambling a tad here, but the real action doesn't start until the weekend, or a least until they complete one round. Find me here for poignant commentary and ridiculous analysis. Bank on it.

Til' tomorrow,

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