Friday, February 4, 2011

Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey Leads Waste Management Open

With the temps I'm certain Tommy Gainey's two gloves may have been a distinct advantage at today's reverse global warming interrupted Waste Management Open. His sparkling 1st round 63 left him at -11 through 9 holes of the abbreviated second round. Also at -11, through 14 holes of round two was Mark Wilson, albeit with a lone glove, or perhaps no glove. I didn't personally spy Mr. Wilson as I didn't catch a lick of the telecast, if there was one. Geoff Ogilvy sat at -9 and J.B. Holmes, twice champion here, penciled in at -8.

PGA Tour officials have announced a Monday finish due cold weather start delays in the 1st two rounds. That's a mixed blessing as this Average Golfer sees it. On one hand they could have capitalized on the "sports fever" tone presented by Super Bowl Sunday. Millions of non-sports fans have grudgingly resigned their flat screens and Doritos to the one day a year when watching 12 or so hours of sports isn't considered bad form. The endless run up to the big game itself forces a sort of "remote frenzy", lending itself to golf viewing rather than football announcer's inane blather prior to kickoff. One might ponder if the Monday finale would provide a monopoly on sports viewers and therefore be the better outcome. One would be wrong. Post Super Bowl viewers are at work or hung over. Or, at work hung over. Then there's the competition, Oprah.

That leaves three more days of golf viewing. Darn. More if you consider the Euro Tour. Westwood missed the cut. That's my analysis of the desert duel.


Til, next,


  1. I never quiete understood this activity but my father considers it quite entertaining. He goes to the Mexico Golf resort every week and has bought some golf clubs too!!
    I'll share this site with him

  2. I've been playing quite some time and don't fully understand it either. It was golf or a Nobel peace prize. Golf seemed easier. Wrong. Best to your Dad. Thanks for the visit.