Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Someone Moved The Furniture On Tiger Woods.

We've all been there. 2 AM, thirsty as hell. Leave the lights off, don't wake the family, down the stairs on remote control, just like we've done a thousand times before. It's the only thing in the world we can do blind. Past the first chair, ease by the couch, into the dining room. Your tongue is stuck to the roof of your dry mouth like a week-old band aid. You can taste the OJ and you're still a good 20 feet from the fridge. Navigate one last room and you're home free. Disaster. The computer desk right in the @%#&ing crucial spot(s). Who vacuums behind that damn thing anyway?

That's where Tiger Woods found himself after his 19th hole tee shot nearly left the planet. After a match equalizing birdie on 18, one would believe a 3 wood to the fairway would be child's play for the legend and keeping with his assassin persona. Not in the cards. The wayward 3 wood led to two more cripplers just to reach the fairway and double bogey, a very un-Woodsian finish to his opening round match with Thomas Bjorn at the Accenture World Match Play Championship. Truth is, neither player impressed, it's just that Woods impressed less. They both hit shots that were stunning in their ineptness and for a while I wasn't so sure either of them had a room booked for tonight.

Back to the woodshed for Mr. Woods. Hasn't found it yet. Welcome to golf.    

Best Round #2 Match to follow..............  Mickelson-Fowler

Swing hard, look up,

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