Friday, January 9, 2009

Time Warp Watching Mercedes-Benz Championship

I feel like calling Mr. Peabody to use the Wayback Machine. If anyone gets that reference, they're at least as old as me. Advantage; You can watch the Mercedes-Benz Championship from Maui in prime time here in the east. Disadvantage; When posting any news on a site like this from Hawaii, it becomes relevant in the middle of the night. Five hours difference makes it afternoon there, typical for a golf outing I reckon.

For the record, Geoff Ogilvy currently has the lead at -8 thru 5 holes of the 2nd round. Boo Weekly, Ryuji Imada, and Ernie Els are tangled at -6. The look of consternation on Ernie's face makes it look like he's receiving an on-course colonoscopy. I think Els would be helped if he was reminded he's playing a game, and a well paid one at that. D.J. Trahan and potential Comeback Player of the Year, DL III, are locked at -5. All scores of course subject to change without notice, primarily based on the length of the commercial breaks.

The Golf Channel presents this gem with the dulcet tones of Nick Faldo, no worse for Ryder Cup wear, Kelly Tilghman, straining not to make another error, and Hawaii resident Mark Rolfing and serious minded Frank Nobilo. I would rate the coverage thus far as tepid. Kind of like an Els interview.

Average Golfer did take note of some players remarking how difficult the wind in Kapalua was making their day. Excuse me if I take exception. It's 12 deg.F here with a 20 MPH wind making it -148F with the wind chill factor. I don't recall seeing any players, caddies, or spectators wearing long sleeves in Maui, so stop bitching. If you thought that sounded a tad jaded, you'd be a tad correct.

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  1. calling Mr. Peabody for the Wayback Machine. thats cute if you like listening to dogs, haven't heard that name in a long time...oh you just used the time machine. It is weird how these two formats are working... post then wait 5 hours to see the results. Ogilvy is doing great, Weekley is holding strong, Scott, I hope will stay, Els still a blaaaa watch him lose 3 strokes. Davis, hum...take 3. I use to like Davis and Duval.

  2. We'll play today - it's 31.6 and the wind is from the north at 25-30. :)

  3. You just aged yourself there Hatter. I could use a Wayback Machine right about now!

  4. Ace,

    31.6 is a veritable heat wave. Shorts?

  5. 'watch me pull a rabbit out this hat', or as I say to the guys I play with, 'watch me put this one in the hole'.

  6. Keep on pickin' Hatter. Bound to hit one!