Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Montgomerie Named 2010 Euro Ryder Cup Captain.

......and Obama was elected president. This is really just a confirmation of a foregone conclusion. The PGA European Tour had already let it be known that they felt 51 years old was a wee bit out of touch with the modern player to be in viable Ryder Cup consideration. Hmm, let's do some math. Monty will be 47 when the 2010 event begins at Celtic Manor in Wales. He'd be 49 when the affair returns to the states in 2012. He obviously can't captain in the US of A due to the torture he'd receive from our rowdy and uncultured fans. That would be like Rush Limbaugh heading the Democratic National Committee. In 2014 when the Cup returns to Europe, he'd be 51 and beyond that age line of demarcation. So, it's 2010 or bust.

No one can tarnish Monty's Ryder Cup record, second to Faldo with 20 wins. I'd hazard a guess though that Faldo proved that great players don't always make great captains. It's an ego thing. I must admit that Monty has one of the most intriguing egos in recent memory. It's either cocksure or eggshell fragile. The man definitely uses all the bounds of emotion. How that translates to his players will be fascinating to observe. If anything, Monty should be good for more than a couple of good headlines between now and crack of the first balls in the air. Stay tuned for the unpredictable.

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  1. Monty may be a good choice as captain, he will get the respect of the team, im not excited about golf team captains although they provide a focus point for advice I think a team will do fine without a captain, its not like their playing best ball, the caddies are doing more coaching and giving more advice to me. So all a team captain can do is say "play your best today" and give interviews

  2. True, captains don't hit a single shot, but they can create a mood, positive or negative.

    I think Monty's fickle enough to provide good blog fodder.

  3. My interest level wasn't high enough to consider any picks. Like Tiger I'm aiming for the majors and the larger events. Unless of course I change my mind. Besides, I probably would have picked Mickelson!

  4. ok again Bobbio, it is kind of boring, and with the superbowl, it may have been forgotten, if no golf picks what are your super B picks ?