Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Balls in the Air - '09 Mercedes-Benz Championship - Picks and Pans

Gentleman, start your drivers. The '09 PGA season launches with a tiny field, missing superstars, but a decent purse and an indescribable setting. Yup, that would be the 2009 Mercedes-Benz Championship at the Plantation Course, Kapalua, Maui. So, with our usual assistance from international odds makers, Ladbrokes, let's handicap the top of the field.....

Vijay Singh, 5/1 - Rumor has Vijay getting knee surgery soon. Still, he's at home here. Should win.

Anthony Kim, 7/1 - Kim's no veteran on these diabolical greens. Won't win.

Ernie Els, 8/1 - Els loves this place and is regaining his form. No Tiger or Phil to spook him. Could win.

Camilo Villegas, 10/1 - Hot player at the end of '08. Might win.

Adam Scott, 12/1 - Injury rumors are exaggerated. Still no assassin closer. Could win.

Geoff Ogilvy, 14/1 - Threat to win every time out. Like him here.

Kenny Perry, 16/1 - Plays his best in the heartland. This is a trip. Won't win.

K.J. Choi, 20/1 - Loves the early season in Hawaii and California. Could win.

Trevor Immelman, 20/1 - Still riding Masters win regarding odds. Can't win. Not that good.

The Field, ?/1 - Field won't win here. Too much local knowledge about wind and greens required.

So, the top three ????

1. Vijay
2. Els
3. Choi

Average Golfer Dark Horse, Daniel Chopra. Obviously he can win here. He defends.

As usual, thank me in advance. Watch the tourney and enjoy the paradise that is Hawaii.

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  1. Vijay, is too tired, he makes his moves around mid February, Els, blaaaa, K.J., will do something first two days, then drop. Adam Scott (this is my man) might pull strong if he doesn't goof off with Villegas, Perry keep an eye on if he starts great. I have no pick on the new guys, have to see them in action with the pros. They will make come spurts the first two days, naturally to make the cut, then that top 15 winning will be too much for them. I will be watcing. Put an rss feed on my blackjack to track the scores.

  2. Villegas, Villegas, Villegas! Like Kim and Els too.

    However if I choose based on who was kindest to my son on practice day at The Memorial it would easily be Kenny Perry. Least favorite using this method--K.J. Choi.

  3. Villegas, blaaa, Adam touche is better, keep Villegas from my man, I hope these two are not paired, cant keep the women back, Heather...lets see who dresses better.

  4. Heather, Surprised to hear that about KJ. Perhaps the language barrier makes him appear standoffish?

  5. MH,

    Love III with the early lead. Someone neither of us mentioned.

  6. Think we'd all better wait till the cut. But Adam Scott cannot win...

  7. Love III, always start the season with 1 and 2 day top 15, he's going to drop today about 4 strokes, behind the leader. Watch Perry, he's starting great and can hold it. Zach Johnson slipped my mind. The movers today will be Immelman, Zach, Lowery, and Kraft. Golf Tipster, why you picking on my man? But now that you mention it, Scott (E) and Villegas (+1) may be too close in pairing, they goof off too much when they're like this. My honeybun will lose 3 stokes.

  8. Tipster,

    You're right, too early to predict. No cut here though. Everyone gets paid.

  9. Hatter,

    You're clairvoyant? Nice to see you have a "honeybun" to root for.

  10. I'm hoping for a serious comeback from Villegas today, but I'm not putting any money on it. Maybe MH is onto something with Adam? On the style front, the vibrant, properly belted, Villegas smoked Adam with his bland black and white getup from yesterday. Let's see some color and an interesting belt-buckle!

    I am certainly no tipster, but Perry and Els are at the top. As for Choi, my experience could have just been a bad day. I was hoping to prove that Pros who are nice to my son win tourneys. Now that would be cool way to pick the winners.

  11. At last glance Ogilvy was running away from the field. Lots of golf left though.

  12. Ogilvy is kicking, didn't call that, Davis is doing as stated, Weekley doing better than I thought, Immelman and Zach big flop, Still got my hopes on a move from Immelman. Scott also did what i predicted.

  13. GO ADAM