Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2008 ADT Championship - 32 Go In, 1 Comes Out.

The last event of the 2008 LPGA schedule, the ADT Championship, will be a series of good byes. Good bye Annika. Good bye ADT. Good bye LPGA economic model. Annika's final US event will be bittersweet. I hope she can focus well enough to be in contention. If last week was a prelude, that isn't a problem. ADT says adios to tour sponsorship. This could be part of a string of withdrawls unless the world economy ticks upwards. Soon. Every company, even the few profitable ones, are reexamining their expenditures like Santa with his list. Realistically there's no reason to expect that pro golf will emerge unscathed while many of their business partners are contemplating survival. The LPGA especially, without the gravitas of it's PGA brethren, is treading on thin ice. OK, enough doom and gloom.

Thirty two women start on Thursday. (Full Field list). The field is culled to sixteen after the second round. After round three there's eight women left standing. The final eight play on Sunday with the winner emerging a cool million richer. How's that for a season ending playoff? Beats the FedEx Cup like a rented mule.

Who does Average Golfer like in this baby? Well, can't really go wrong with any of the 32. I'd like Brittany Lang, but she's just an alternate at this point. Ochoa defends. Annika's playing great. Yani Tseng's having a superb year. Angela Stanford is the hottest player in the field. Inbee Park loves big tourneys. So, it's basically a pick 'em.

Trump International Golf Club is the host. The Golf Channel broadcasts the first three days with NBC taking over for the final round. Check here for broadcast times. Be there for the final US event of the pro golf year.

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*For in depth insight on the 2009 LPGA scheduling possibilities check out The Constructivist's latest post.


  1. I pick Annika. I think "Miss 59" will go out like she came in........a roaring tigress!

  2. It's true anyone can win this week, but some people are coming in on hot streaks and some have thrived in this format and on this course. That said, I've probably jinxed my picks!

  3. My record this year is beyond terrible. That's why I'll leave the prognosticating to you.

  4. We're about due for something storybook...

  5. Well, 74 for Annika today. She may have to go pin seeking tomorrow.

    Thanks for the visit.