Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kenny Perry Wins 2008 Memorial - Goggin Gags.

Only two men have won three Memorial tournaments. Tiger Woods, and now Kenny Perry. Perry's big mistake free round of 69, (280), granted him a two stroke victory over the quad of Jerry Kelly, Justin Rose, Mike Weir, and Matthew Goggin.

Bowling alley greens, dastardly winds, and rough longer than 9th grade math made the final round an arduous test of accuracy and focus. One small slip was all it took to slide down the board. Matt Goggin gained valuable experience in playing near the top of a prestigious golf tournament. He went out in 38 though and effectively heaved his lead. Give him credit though for hanging in and taking some 2nd place money. Weir, Rose, and Kelly all shot 71 today to end up where they started, tied together. None gave Perry a serious challenge, but were close enough for Average Golfer to watch some coverage, (with the sound off). I live near some woods and Ian Baker Finch's voice annoys the wildlife.

Hats off to Perry. His goal this year is to make the Ryder Cup team. This win put him in the 8th spot for selection, which is the last automatic berth now. Curiously, Perry's not playing in the US Open at Torrey Pines. He said his '08 focus was on the vents he plays well in order to make the Cup squad. Perry said that Torrey Pines wasn't one of those venues.

Next week's scheduled event, the Stanford St. Jude Championship, may look like a Nationwide Tour tournament. I can't imagine too many of the big names will play, choosing to practice and rest for the following week's US Open. Darned if I still don't the idea of golfers having to rest. Do Major League Baseball players play for four consecutive days? Yes. Do they then need a week off? Nope.

Get ready in the coming days for Average Golfer's intense 2008 US Open coverage. Something in the air says they'll be lots of story lines.

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