Saturday, May 3, 2008

Free P.G.A. Professional Golf Lesson.

Who's the best person to get a golf lesson from? Your neighbor? Your brother-in-law? Not the neighbor. He slices more than a slasher flick. Not your brother-in-law. His method of gaining distance off the tee is to get a running start. Nope, neither, it's a P.G.A. Professional instructor, a person whose business is golf.

May is P.G.A. free lesson month. Contact a P.G.A. Professional instructor and you'll receive a free ten minute lesson. Ten minutes with them is better than ten days with your brother-in-law. Whether your a beginner looking for the basics to get the ball in the air, or a seasoned player tweaking an already good game, you can't beat this opportunity. So, hoist yourself out of that La-Z-Boy Leather Furniture and march to your free lesson. Here's the link to find the closest instructor to you. (P.G.A. Free Lesson) Good luck and get going!

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