Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Annika Shock - Will End Career at End of the Year.

Annika Sorenstam, winner of 72 L.P.G.A. titles, including last week, announced her retirement from competitive golf effective at the end of this season. Remaining composed and speaking for twenty five minutes at the Sybase Classic, the reigning grande dame of women's golf coolly and professionally announced the shocking news to the throng of press. Cool and professional. Does that ever describe her remarkable career.

I'm sure they'll be lots of speculation regarding her decision. Does she want to start a family? Does she want to go out on top of her game? It doesn't matter. She's treated us to wonderful golf in a wonderful manner for 15 years. She owes us nothing. This news reminded me of when Barry Sanders retired from the Detroit Lions. Top of their professions, always professional, and filled with class. You can't teach class.

This should boost the L.P.G.A.'s TV ratings a tad. You think?

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  1. It's a shame, but had some fun with it here:

  2. Most athletes exit when they're on top... in Annika's case, on her way down while still considered "on top".

  3. Rudy,

    I'd have to differ some with you. I think her injuries really wiped out last year for her. Now that she's healthy and is going to play the rest of 2008, I'm going to reserve judgment until her season can be compared to Ochoa's at the end of the year. See your point though.

    Thanks, Bob