Thursday, May 1, 2008

Daly, Harmon.......Bad Marriage, Worse Divorce.

The gift that keeps on giving if you're a golf nut like this average golfer. The Daly/Harmon kabuki dance continues from across the great Atlantic. Big John's in Seville knocking it around at the Spanish Open. His 75 today left him 10 shots off the lead. Daly claims he spoke with Harmon and Harmon apologized for the abrupt and very public manner with which he severed their relationship. Harmon was evidently taken aback by the comments and responded with, “John Daly called me on Thursday and said he had lost all of his endorsement contracts because of me and my statements and asked if I could print a retraction. I said, ‘John, you lost your contracts because of you and not anyone else….you need to quit blaming everyone else….I wish you well and I hope you play well. ”

This saga began at the beginning. Daly needed help in a lot of areas and hooked up with Harmon to help with the most obvious, his golf game. Harmon didn't see the commitment he required from Daly and unceremoniously dumped him in the press after the PODS Championship. Daly was reported to have been drinking at the Hooters hospitality tent and grabbed John Gruden, coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to fill in as his caddie. Getting rid of him in that fashion was at the least unprofessional and beyond rude. A noted press hog, Harmon should have at least found some of his precious time to dump Daly in person and in private. You didn't hear Tiger Woods go into detail regarding why he fired Harmon. Harmon's obviously a great teacher or Adam Scott and Phil Mickelson wouldn't bother to cut him checks. His decision to quit working with Daly can't really be questioned based on Daly's lackadaisical efforts in most of his life. It's not what was done, but how it was done that says a lot about the players in this melodrama.

Big John's in Europe trying to get what's left of the mojo back. Harmon's in Las Vegas planning his next video or book. Big John has always been Big John, warts and all. From when he first hit the scene, what you see is what you get. That's the basis for his appeal. We all know a guy like Big John, and we love him. Butch Harmon is what he has to be to suit the moment and place himself in a favorable light. That explains hitting a guy while he's down, but doesn't justify it.

Big John........Get your life and golf game back.
Butch............Don't piss off Phil or Adam.

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