Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh By The Way, John Daly Had Surgery Too.

At the 2007 Honda Classic John Daly's back swing was interrupted by the click of a fan's camera. Daly has claimed that the resultant injury has been the primary reason he's withdrawn eight times and missed the cut 14 times in 33 events. Dr. Steve Whitelaw, who works with the Arkansas Razorbacks, says that in the process of stopping his swing Big John had torn his rotator cuff and dislocated two rib joints. He added further that all that was rehabbed, but while living with the dislocated ribs he tore the ligaments surrounding them.

Whitelaw says that when Daly still complained of pain, a full body scan was performed and a stomach muscle tear was revealed. He said, "When he swings, he uses that area with his stomach and core strength. He could only go on so long without hurting. He was in a cycle he could not get out of." Surgery to repair the tear was performed during Masters weekend.

I know what you're thinking, stomach jokes. Nope, too easy. Plus, Big John's had quite a rough patch and even I won't push him down further. Whitelaw said Daly could begin hitting small shots this week and he expects a quick recovery. Daly is scheduled to play the Spanish Open in Seville in two weeks. He says he's contemplating the Irish Open and Italian Open, and possibly the BMW Championship at Wentworth. This may be a good plan for John. Perhaps some renewed success in Europe, more out of the spotlight, can start to save his sagging career.

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  1. Yeah - I really hope Daly gets it together. He was such a fan favorite.

  2. Yup, huge favorite. It's been so long since he's accomplished anything golf wise.