Monday, April 14, 2008

2008 Masters Autopsy

"It's the end of the world as we know it."(REM) Looks like the Greenjackets got what they wanted. A track that could embarrass any player on the planet, past, present, or future. Sunday's display of impossibility didn't make for riveting sports television. I'll bet CBS sure was grateful that Tiger was "sort of" in the tournament and they could give him plenty of face time. Don't get me wrong, I congratulate Trevor Immelman on the victory and he'll be a great champion for life. That's how long Master's sentences are for, with no parole.

The Masters used to begin on the back nine on Sunday. Amen corner, two reachable par fives, and a whole bunch of risk/reward meant that the leader board changed constantly. Scores in the low thirties were attainable. Would could forget Jack's 30 on the back nine in 1986 to win by one? Breathtaking. Tiger can't shoot 30 at today's Augusta National. At 7,445 yards, with diabolical greens, throw in some wind like yesterday, and the course is almost unplayable. None of the top fifteen finishers broke par yesterday. Is that fun to watch? I'm not in favor of a 6,900 yard birdie factory, but there has to be a middle ground. Keep in mind also that this place is almost devoid of rough. Oops, I meant 2nd cut. What if there had been some rain thrown in? Would breaking 80 have been a good score?

The Greenjackets own the franchise. I understand a lot of the changes they made. They all make some kind of sense individually, but collectively they fashioned an entirely different golf course. One that's not nearly as much fun to watch on Sunday.

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