Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's Ochoa at Ginn & Tonic Open, Naturally.

A rather mundane 69, by her standards, was all it took for Lorena Ochoa to wrap up the 2008 Ginn Open. It was her 4th consecutive LPGA victory and moved her from being in a class by herself to creating a new class. Unbeatable. Yani Tseng finished 2nd, a very impressive showing for a tour rookie playing with the Universe's #1. There's really not much else to write about when one player is so dominant. When Annika and Julie Inkster finish 16 and 15 shots out of the lead respectively, something other worldly is happening. This has been repeated enough that it must be tough for the other ladies in the field to think they're playing for anything other than 2nd place.

Five birdies today for Ochoa, twenty two for the tournament. Yikes! 60% of the fairways hit, low by her standards. A whopping 82% of greens in regulation and and average of 29 putts per round. If she stays even remotely on her game, she will win 75% of the time she tees it up.

Observe the future of women's golf. She has arrived.

Oh by the way, Boo Weekly captured the Verizon Heritage. It's tough to follow a tournament with rapt interest when the top two players on the men's and women's tours are so far ahead of the rest of the field.

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