Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tiger Woods Hangs Snap Hooks on Haney

I can snap hook a golf ball. In fact it's my preferred miss. Hooks go faster than huge balloon balls, so they're manlier. Harder to find, but manlier. Tiger Woods snapped off a couple of beauts on the 1st two holes of his Masters Toonamint today. Nice par recoveries kept him at level par, but the hooks stayed in his bag to resurface throughout the round. The 18th was such a happening, but Woods managed to scrape out a rather nice bogey to finish at level par for the day. He's in a huge pack following leader Lee Westwood's slick 67.

When ESPN's Tom Rinaldi was interviewing Woods after his round, Woods attributed his case of the smothers to "The Hank backswing with the new downswing". Gee, one would have thought that with his prodigious talent and 30+ years of experience, Mr. Woods would have been capable of separating the two. Or, the comment was a stab at Haney's recent book that details some unseemly aspects of Woods personality and expertly details how to make a Haney backswing. You decide.

Swing hard, you could get hit by a bus on the way home.


  1. tiger-tiger-tiger, no where near the lead, iffy round, not a nice guy, but all we hear-tiger. thought we would get differnt here. i can read or hear this babble anywhere.

  2. Thanks for choosing to get your babble here. We don't overdo Woods here at AG. Just thought the "Haney backswing" comment was funny.

  3. Replies
    1. How can you say your best golf player ever, he would'nt be in the same league with Jack Nicolaus or Arnold Palmer if he golfed in the same era.