Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Make Your Tee Time Tavistock Style

You didn't tip the guy?
Ever been late for or missed a tee time? Tell the truth now. The "away" players for the Tavistock Cup have no such worry. Before you think I'm about to bash them for their opulence, think again. The annual country club knife fight has benefited local charities to the tune of millions of dollars. The exact amount donated from this year's Cup is listed on their website as "coming". The tournament finished about three hours ago. It takes some time to count that much loot.   

Want to join them in what would amount to the pinnacle of club championships? Easy. Get your handicap down to about a +7 and buy a ten million dollar house in one of their neighborhoods. FYI Oliver Wilson won today's individual honors. I honestly thought he'd given up the game. Nice work Ollie. I haven't a clue who took the team title. They all sound like made-up names to me.

Swing hard, look up,

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