Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Tried To Watch The Kraft Nabisco On TV, But Golf Channel Wouldn't Let Me.

The first major of the year. The world's best female golfers. Nothing on my schedule. Golf Channel was showing the Kraft Nabisco Championship 1st round, live, in prime time from 6:30 - 9:30 PM, EST.  Tseng, Wie, Creamer, Shin, Kerr, etc. I was grateful for the unusual scheduling and geared for three hours of enjoying the LPGA at it's best, something that's not that easy to come by in these lean times for that circuit. Instead what I got was seemingly 2 1/2 hours of commercials, player post-round interviews, and stranger than strange, long stares at the on-screen scoreboard. The scoreboard shots were so pervasive that it was almost like TGC expected us to watch and wait for scores to change before our very bored eyes.  

Believe me, having been in some form of retail business for my adult life, I understand the impact and importance of advertising. But the interminable blank space and filler spots while a major championship was being played around them made TGC's presentation almost laughable. I said almost. It was if they had a specified number of actual golf shots they could show and had used them up during the morning telecast. I doubt I'll give it a second try. If I won't attempt it again, how do you think the casual fan tuning in for the first time would feel?   

Better get right NBC/Golf Channel. With the LPGA you don't have that many at-bats.  

Swing hard, look up,

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