Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiger Woods Shuts It Down "Indefinitely"

Who could have predicted just a few short weeks ago that anything other than injury could keep Tiger Woods off the golf course? If you had that kind of insight you'd have gotten serious Vegas odds or been labeled a crackpot.

"After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf. I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person."

Those are the words from Woods' website announcing the stunner. You'd be hard pressed to argue with his reasons given recent events. I'm sure Tim Finchem may need a little Ambien himself to get to sleep after this bit of news. Viewership is known to drop as much as 50% in Tour events when Woods isn't entered. With a dearth of sponsors waiting in the wings and effort required to keep the ones they have, Tour officials must be squirming. I suppose the only "grey" lining in the cloud was Woods' use of the words "indefinite break" rather than "retiring".

So now the "Woods Watch" will begin as already massive speculation about Woods in general will spill over to speculation about his return. With Augusta, Pebble Beach, and St. Andrews on the major schedule in 2K10, scenes of some of his largest victories, Woods ended up with a tough year to take a pit stop. This Average Golfer will find his interest level in men's pro golf squashed some without the world's best player in the field. Imagine if the Yankees decided to sit next year out. Tiger's personal decisions sure have affected a ton of folks, the extent of which remains to be seen. Pro golf tour desperately seeking meal ticket.

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  1. Nobody's perfect. Somebody should give him another chance. He's a great golfer and he had said his peace. Let's just hope that healing follows soon with his family.

  2. He'll play golf whenever he/she decides. His 2nd chance on life is the biggie.

    Thanks for the visit.

  3. This is big, his fall from grace. He's not the MAN I thought he was. I didn't have him on any pedestal by any means, but this is a big fall, especially for me as a woman. One indiscretion, maybe, weakness on his part, still terrible for Elin, but this... what he's been doing the past several years, shows a total lack of morals.
    I agree with his "break". Go away and see if you can regain your wife's trust and love, and rebuild your life. We as fans need the break too, to regain our respect.

  4. Great woman's perspective. I read it with interest.

    I believe you're right. We could all use a "break" from this calamity.

  5. I am not judging, but I suspect the break will be brief. I suspect he'll play in The Masters. To do that he'll play at least one warm up competition.
    The question in my mind is not so much when will he be allowed back out to play. But if he's allowed out on his own.
    But, regardless of all that, fact remains he looks at the very least 'foolish' in front of a lot of his peers. Peers that held him in high respect - will that turn to their or his advantage? I suspect this loss of mystique and loss of respect will only help his competitors confidence.

  6. Probably anybody's guess as to when. I'm not even sure he has an idea at this point.

    Part of the "price" he'll have to pay when he does return is the "reaction" from all sources. That uncomfortable feeling will just have to be gone through. If it were me I'd rather it sooner to get it over with. Obviously though, it's not me.

  7. There is quite a difference between "not being perfect" and the lifestyle purvade by Tiger. This a continuous disrespect of his family, that he is not "sorry" for, only that he got caught. It looks like Tiger is "not" who we thought he was. Sorry Dennis Green..........

  8. I'm sure right now Woods is questioning who he is.