Thursday, October 1, 2009

DIV PRO Golf Tool - What's in Your Pocket?

I did a quick inventory during my last round of golf to see what was in my pockets. Extra ball, ball mark repair tool, tees, and coins for markers. No cigar holder, even though I partake on occasion, no grip saver, I compromise with a tee for that, and certainly no shotgun opener. If I had the DIV PRO along for the ride, I'd have been covered.

DIV PRO is the Swiss Army knife of golf tools. It combines the required base divot tool with a magnetic ball marker, a groove cleaner, a cigar holder, a grip saver, and the aforementioned can opener in a clean one-piece tool that's cleverly designed and intuitive to use. The intuitive part is important to guys like me that rip things out of the package and expect them to perform like old friends, sans instructions.

I compared DIV PRO to my trusty Scotty Cameron repair tool during my last round. The Cameron's been in my pocket for the last fours years, so we're on close terms. As a repair tool the DIV PRO's tines are noticeably longer, in fact long enough to start a garden. That's where the comparison ends as fixing ball marks is about all the Cameron was designed to accomplish. No cigar support, club clearance around wet greens, ball mark, and certainly no ultimate function, shotgunning beers. Decided advantages, DIV PRO. About the only gain the Cameron had was size and weight. With it's myriad uses the DIV PRO was heftier than the Cameron and was about 3/4" longer. I like to be balanced over the ball and I'm distracted by many things, not the least being ballast in my pockets. DIV PRO's multi-functions though eliminated my need for markers and a dedicated cigar holder. Economy of design won out and I found that the extra ball in my left pocket and the DIV PRO in my right struck the perfect balance. I'll have to blame my swing problems on something else.

DIV PRO's a great idea and simple design on items every golfer already uses. It qualifies as highly recommended by this Average Golfer. Check it out here at

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  1. That DIV PRO is neat. I carry the Victorinox Golf Tool ( - look under "swiss army knives") - I got it as a gift a few years ago and it's come in pretty handy!

  2. I wasn't aware they made one, hence my "Swiss Army knife of golf tools" comment. Thanks for the visit!

  3. Actually that's a great tool, use it myself.Esp useful on Golf balls:)